067 Company is the leading design consultant, supply and installation of amusement playground equipment, landscape architecture in Southeast Asia.

We launched the Viet Play brand to provide the best playground equipment solutions for the Vietnamese and Southeast Asia markets.

We have nine product lines:

·       Viet Play Seesaw – The Seesaw Equipment

·       Viet Play Swing –  The Swing Equipment

·       Viet Play Spinner –  The Spinner Equipment

·       Viet Play Crawl Tube –  The Tunnel Equipment

·       Viet Play Climbing Set –  The Climbing Set

·       Viet Play Trampoline – The Trampoline Equipment

·       Viet Play Slide –  The Slide Equipment

·       Viet Play Sport Equipment –  The Sport Equipment

·       Viet Play Park Furniture –  The  Park Furniture

·       Viet Play Playground – The playground equipment

Our children’s playground equipment has been present in most parks, schools, and commercial centers solved the lack of a proper playground for children. From there, children can both have fun and learn many valuable things through each game.

We are proud to be a trend-setting company promoting healthy lifestyles for children and families around the world. At the same time, it brings a healthier and more sustainable living environment to the community.

Currently, our office is located at No. 38 Ha Dinh Lakeside Road, Ha Dinh Ward, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi. Our children’s playground equipment is trusted in all provinces and cities by our quality, prestige, and system of high-class equipment. Especially, our professional and enthusiastic staff have received customer trust and satisfaction.